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Product Care

About our fabrics

Here at Réalisation the focus is on natural fabrics - they feel great, are easy to have in your wardrobe, travel perfectly and create garments that are the base of a perfect outfit. With silk and cotton being our staples, we are actively developing and experimenting with more natural fibres to bring you a wider range of Réal pieces you can’t live without.

Should you have any other questions about the specific care of any of our pieces and you don't find the information below, please contact [email protected].


Réalisation makes the anytime, anywhere, throw-it-in-your-bag, go-to silk pieces that become wardrobe essentials. Our printed dresses, skirts and tops are made from 100% silk.  Lightweight, luxurious, versatile - this is our speciality. One of the great bonuses of silk is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, meaning that you can get more wear out of it before it has to be cleaned. Silk is a natural fibre and made to last, but is delicate and should be cared for in a specific way:

Your Réal silk pieces should be dry cleaned
A small area can be spot cleaned with cold water
Hang them up and steam or cool iron from the inside of the fabric to remove any creases
Please don’t ever put them in the machine!

Silk as a fabric dates back to over 5000 years ago in China. We partner with China based factories to produce our pieces as they are specialists in this field.


Our beloved Réal Merch pieces - tees, totes, socks, boxers, and sweats - are all made from high quality 100% cotton, or a high percentage natural cotton mix. Cotton is breathable, soft and durable.

Your Réal Merch pieces should be machine washed cold
Dry flat and re-shape whilst damp
Only cool iron on the reverse side
Never tumble dry

Velvet and Velvet Devoré

Our silk-blend velvet and velvet devoré pieces, with added viscose for extra lustre, should be cared for with the same love that you give your silk pieces.

Dry clean only
Steam from the inside of the fabric to remove creases or use a very low heat for ironing on the reverse side only to avoid damage